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  1. The VATSIM West Asia Division is pleased to announce that we have combined all vACC's Discord into one single Server.Rules , Regulations and Invite :
  2. VATSIM India vACC invites all Pilots a group flight from Kolkata to Bagdogra on 28th April 2018 at 1600Z (2130 hrs IST) Pilots who wish to participate are requested to confirm their availability here : Sceneries : Bagdogra (VEBD) - Freeware - FSX/P3D : Kolkata (VECC) - Freeware - FSX/P3D : Route : Kolkata (VECC) - Bagdogra (VEBD) : ONOTO W69 BBD Resources : Aeronautical Charts : Airport Procedures :
  3. Dear all Division Members , We have installed a Helpdesk Ticket Support System by which staff can help the user even more efficiently. This support ticket form will allow you to submit a ticket to any of the staff team of respective vACCs. The staff team will be notified automatically via email after you create your ticket. For convenience we have designed few Sample Ticket Templetes for common topics. Link for Helpdesk : Sample Ticket Templates : 1. Request for ATC Training : Help Topic : XXXX vACC - ATC Training Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX ATC Rating Requested : Student 1 (S1) / Student 2 (S2) / ... Preffered Day/Date and Time (UTC) : 29th March 2018 1700Z - 1800Z Additional Remarks : <message> 2. Membership (vACC/Division Change): Help Topic : VATWA Division General Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX Current vACC/Division : Requested vACC/Division : Additional Remarks : <message> 3. Event/ATC Request : Help Topic : XXXX vACC Events Department Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX Request ATC at Airport : Name/ICAO Request ATC Time : Additional Remarks : <message> 4.vACC/Division Feedback Help Topic : vACC General/Division General Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX Feedback : If you don't know which Help Topic to choose , please select "General" Topic of respective vACC. All General Topics Tickets are redirected to the vACC Director. All the tickets Numbers are according the vACC/Department. Eg : PKG - PK : Pakistan , G : General Category INA - IN : India , A : ATC Training
  4. Dear All , As you all know , our TeamSpeak3 Server Expires on Wednesday , We have decided to port to Discord for all chats and Group flight discussions etc etc... Discord is Available on iOS , Android , Windows Desktop Application and can work on a simple Web Browser as all. To join our Server , Please visit : Looking forward to interact with you all on Discord Soon!
  5. I'll see if I can made a dedicated webpage for VATWA Website. Bit busy with college stuff...but as soon as I get time I'll do it
  6. VATSIM India vACC invites all Pilots for its "Saturday SuperShuttle" Event featuring India's Busiest Airports - Mumbai and Delhi. It is the 3rd Busiest Route in the World!. Sceneries : Mumbai P3D/FSX (Payware) - Mumbai/Delhi P3D/FSX (Freeware) - Delhi P3D/FSX (Payware) - Route : Mumbai (VABB) - New Delhi (VIDP) - DOTIP Q1 DIPAS New Delhi (VIDP) - Mumbai (VABB) - REBON Q2 SG Resources : Aeronautical Charts : Airport Procedures :
  7. Greetings! This post is regarding FSX/P3D Sceneries for Indian Airports. A well known developer needs your help in finding resources (High Defination Imagary , reference material, runway designators, navaid information, pictures or reference material of the surroundings, images of the terminals, YouTube Videos , etc) for the following airports : 1.Chennai 2.Trivandrum 3.Cochin 4. Any Other Airport for which you can find sufficient resources. The developer will only initiate the project if he finds sufficient resources to work with. So , there are no promises but just a hope that there will be high quality sceneries for India soon. So , the more people get involed , the more resources we collect and consequently we have higher chances of getting a high quality scenery. At this moment , we cannot comment on whether the scenery will be payware or freeware but we can surely comment that the author has done some wonderful work prior to this and it was highly appreciated by all. Now , all you have to do is , email us whatever "resources" you can find to If the content is high in size , upload it to Google Drive , Dropbox and send us the link in the email. Thank You!
  8. VATSIM West Asia (India) Invites you for it's this year's First Event - Kolkata Overload! Fly In/Out of Kolkata and experience Full ATC! City : Kolkata ICAO Code : VECC Airport Name : Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose Intl Airport , Kolkata FSX Freeware Scenery : Download Here FS9 Freeware Scenery : Download Here XPlane Scenery : DownloadHere Charts : Download Here
  9. VATSIM India vACC S1-S2 Training Program ( Dec 2017 - Feb 2018) Register here! :
  10. Follow our Division Facebook Page for All Updates!/
  11. The Package contains : Transition Altitude and Transition Level Calculator. India Routes and SIDs/STARs Cheat (Quick Reference) Sheet. By Divya Patel (VATGOV14) Link :
  12. Bangladesh : India : Pakistan : Nepal : Sri Lanka : Maldives :
  13. Below are listed VFR Routings and their charts in few Major Cities. 1. Mumbai : 2. Delhi : 3. Kolkata : 4. Chennai : 5. Hyderabad :
  14. [NOTAM] Update for Mumbai Sector File. Link : Changelog : 1. Added Pune (VAPO) TMA Sector 2. Updated AIRAC to 1707 If you have any questions , please open a new thread. Please do not post in this thread.