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  1. let's meet in April at a VATWA level with representation from all vACCs and work on it as a team. Want to pass a notion for April 21st if most of us can make it - all vACCs will have to work together to make it work. So everyone's presence is extremely important. Let's at least start to brainstorm in April
  2. Excellent work!! I am planning on making a pilot training program for VATWA pilots this summer. I will certainly be reaching out to you and use your work as reference. Can we have it linked straight on VATWA Library for better visibility?
  3. Gents, How about we as a division compile a list of attractive unique airports and develop good material for people to attempt flights in VATWA...like... Mountain Flying - Lukla - Paro - Leh - Gilgit Summer Paradise - Goa - Male Metro Shuttles - Karachi - Lahore - Delhi - Mumbai - Colombo - Chennai Popular VFR routes - Nepal - NE India - Himalayan airports VOR Approaches - Kathmandu RNAV Challenge - Kochi Even many exciting airfields in inactive vACCs. etc etc The list can go on and on Let's make some effort and make a dedicated web-page under VATWA which shows what we have to offer to the VATSIM community and invite people to explore our airspace.
  4. http://www.eurocontrol.int/articles/ais-online
  5. Great. Thanks Shri