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      Dear all,    We are currently recruiting for the following open positions:   VATSIM Nepal vACC Training Director - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.  VATSIM Nepal vACC Social Media and Webmaster - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.    Thank you for your interest in VATSIM Nepal vACC, 

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  1. VOCI to VOAT (Agatti Island) in Piper Tomahawk. Late evening arrival to the island, just in time to complete the VFR flight.
  2. Hi Sachin, DP, Thanks for your appreciation. You are most welcome to link them. I am regularly updating training documents as required.
  3. VOCL to VOCI 2500ft VFR, Visibility dropped to 4km at 45dme CIA, clouds scattered / overcast 3500ft. Aircraft is repainted Alabeo Piper PA38 Tomahawk (Used by 'Air Taxis' Sri Lanka circa 1980s). P3D4.2 with Wide-view. Visibility improved to 9km at 16dme CIA. Glad to be back in my very first real GA aircraft (first flown in 1984).
  4. SRM Training Program is published. http://4r-ipm.bid/vaccsrm/train.html Documents are developed to be useful to both pilots and controllers. More training manuals will be added as required.
  5. New Vatsim/Vatwa website of Sri Lanka and Maldives (vACC SRM) is active in http://4r-ipm.bid/vaccsrm/ Your feedback and comments are welcome.