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    • Bahaeddine El-Zarif

      VATSIM Nepal vACC Staff openings   04/13/2018

      Dear all,    We are currently recruiting for the following open positions:   VATSIM Nepal vACC Training Director - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.  VATSIM Nepal vACC Social Media and Webmaster - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.    Thank you for your interest in VATSIM Nepal vACC, 

      Bahaeddine El-Zarif
      VATSIM Nepal vACC Director


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    My pleasure, Looking forward to raise Nepal with Bahaeddine. My goal is to run everything smoothly and assist for a good vACC impression to public.
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    Dear all, It is with pleasure, I announce the appointment of Yazan Alothman as the VATSIM Nepal vACC Deputy Director.Yazan is a motivated, enthusiastic member of the vACC that has been helping without delays and asking for returns. Best of luck in your new role
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    VOCI to VOAT (Agatti Island) in Piper Tomahawk. Late evening arrival to the island, just in time to complete the VFR flight.
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    Oman Air Boeing 737-91M(ER) (WL) A40-BY Landing at Mumbai coming in from Muscat as WY349
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    Dear All , As you all know , our TeamSpeak3 Server Expires on Wednesday , We have decided to port to Discord for all chats and Group flight discussions etc etc... Discord is Available on iOS , Android , Windows Desktop Application and can work on a simple Web Browser as all. To join our Server , Please visit : http://library.vatsimwa.com/india/discord/ Looking forward to interact with you all on Discord Soon!