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    • Anthony Colduck

      Welcome To The Screenshots Forum - Read This Before Posting   07/09/2017

      This forum is for members to post their screen shots for general interest. Competition entries should be posted in the Monthly Screen Shot Contest forum. 

      You must observe the following rules, mainly out of courtesy to your fellow members: 
      (they have now been tightened up, as some posters have been ignoring them) 

      1. Screenshots must be VATSIM related 

      2. Members will be responsible for hosting their own pictures. For those that don't have server space or the bandwidth, http://www.imageshack.us/ is a viable option. 

      3. Image size will be limited to 500kb to keep download time reasonable for dial-up. Images above the limit will be removed. 

      4. For the same reason any one thread should contain no more than 10 pictures. We would like to see your best pictures, not a random collection. Multiple threads posted to avoid this rule will be treated as a single thread. 

      5. File format should normally be jpg. 

      6. Video links may be posted, but videos may not be embedded in the post. 

      Posts not conforming to these rules will be deleted without warning.
    • Bahaeddine El-Zarif

      VATSIM Nepal vACC Staff openings   04/13/2018

      Dear all,    We are currently recruiting for the following open positions:   VATSIM Nepal vACC Training Director - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.  VATSIM Nepal vACC Social Media and Webmaster - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.    Thank you for your interest in VATSIM Nepal vACC, 

      Bahaeddine El-Zarif
      VATSIM Nepal vACC Director

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