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  2. Imphal (VEIM) Scenery Link will be shared soon.
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  5. VATSIM Nepal vACC Membership Director (ACCNPL3) VATSIM Nepal vACC is now accepting applications for the Membership Director position to oversee and manage membership operations within the vACC. Duties: Reporting to ACCNPL1, this position is responsible for the oversight and management as well as implementing and designing changes to the VATSIM Nepal vACC membership operations to ensure high quality service to our members is upheld. Also, the vACC membership director is responsible for the interaction with the divisional leadership team when necessary. A crucial part of this position is ensuring that VATSIM Nepal vACC is always covered with highly trained controllers as well as report generation regarding membership statistics and operations as required by the vACC Director. The successful candidate will have significant experience on the VATSIM network, extensive familiarity with network policies and procedures related to generating and providing training programs as well as strong management and communication skills. While not required, previous staff positions held are an asset. • Must show awareness of and understanding of the membership service quality, and hold at least a S3 rating. • Must be a member in good standing with the network • Expected to be able to commit at least 4-8 hours per week to this role • Fluent in English (spoken and written). Applications with CV (including relevant history and relevant experience) as well as a cover letter via email to
  6. Pakistan vACC and Nepal vACC welcome you to event for the month of July. Fly from Lahore through the scenic valleys of Nepal to Kathmandu and witness one of the worlds most dangerous approaches. Whats the wait for?Event Details Date : 21st July Timings : 15z - 20z ATC Details OPLA 15 to 18z VNKT 17 to 20z Charts VNKT OPLASceneries VNKT OPLA
  7. India vACC Presents , Friday Night Live : Online Every Friday @ 1330Z to 1530Z! Routes : Charts :
  8. Pakistan vACC would like to invite you to its event "CITY LINK; KARACHI TO LAHORE". Fly from Karachi To Lahore with complete ATC services throughout the flight. Booking: VATWA HQ Event Details: Date: 30th June Time: 1600Z - 1900Z Featured Airports: Karachi ( OPKC ); Lahore ( OPLA ) Route BADU1D BADUL J112 LEMOM LEMO1C Downloads Charts Available here :- Scenery available here :-
  9. Do you accept the challenge to fly the most difficult Approach in India? Join us for an expedition towards India's Highest Civil Operating Airport - Leh. Date : 30th June 2018 Time : 1530Z Onwards Departure Airport : New Delhi - VIDP Arrival Airport : Leh - VILH Flight Bookings : Scenery : Freeware : Payware (VIDP Only) : Charts : Leh Approach Guide : Advisory : 1. Please fly CAT D aircraft or Below Only. 2. Carry minimum 45mins to 1 hour of Holding Fuel.
  10. Hi Everyone, I joined here a while ago and help pulled me away before i could complete my training. Anyhow, i am back, ready to get back in the saddle and request TS Sever details. Thanks
  11. VATWA Library is now West Asia HQ! It includes : - vACC Authorizations - Events Management and Flight Bookings/RealOps - ATC Training Management System
  12. First ever B787-8 flights of Qatar Airways to Male & Gan Island.
  13. Position: Sri Lanka and Maldives (SRM) vACC Deputy Director [ACCSRM2] Duties: 1.Reports to the SRM vACC Director. 2.Maintains an active online presence within the vACC, including Forum and Discord, and on the VATSIM network. 3.Functions as a vACC Staff Member and attends periodic meetings as necessary. 4.Helps develop new members and ensures they have the resources to succeed in SRM vACC 5.Assists in management of the roster. 6.Any other duty assigned by the Director. Requirements: 1.Must be over 21 years of age. 2.Must hold a C1 Rating with minimum 2 years on VATSIM. 3.Experience as a mentor. 4.Should preferably have past experience in staff roles or other managerial positions. 5.Must be a member in good standing of VATSIM with a clean record/no history of unprofessional behaviour. 6.Must at least dedicate 5 hours a week for Deputy Director roles. 7.Availability on Weekends and comfortable with Local Time Zone. 8.Should give a minimum commitment of 1 year on the staff position. Applications should include: 1.Full name, active e-mail, and VATSIM CID. 2.Resume with VATSIM Activities and Records. 3. Your intentions and ideas (if any) for developing the vACC. By sending an application , you are also giving an consent to the staff to do a background check your CERT. Note : The Division Staff would like to make few things very clear. This is a time demading position. We expect that the applicant can dedicate a considerable amount of time till SRM is a stable vACC with few pilots and ATC. We want a member who can deliver results. We want a member who can build a community , who have good people skills. We want learning and fun to go together. Not everyone has the same intention of flying on VATSIM, so we want someone who can make an environment of both learning and enjoying. We don't want any politics here ; we have had enough experiences in the past and we are tired of cleaning up all the mess. The member should apply only and only if he has a genuine interest in developing the region. The Deputy Director will be given access to all Social Media platforms - Divsion Facebook Page , Discord , Community Forums , Library Templates ,etc. Access to vACC website will remain with ACCSRM1 only. All interested applicants should send their applications to with CC to and The application period will remain open until this position is filled.
  14. Pakistan vACC would like to invite you to their latest event CITY LINK ( Karachi - Quetta ). Depart from KHI to UET this Saturday 2nd June from 18z - 21z .Details Departure Airport : OPKC / KHI / Jinnah International AirportArrival Airport : OPQT / UET / Quetta International Airport Day : Saturday 2nd JuneTime : 1800z - 2100zRoute : NIROL M638 KC J172 SIDRASceneries KHIPayware : : thanks to Mr Muhammad Affan Ellahi for developing this scenery )Charts
  15. Pakistan vACC welcomes you to another event " Mission Relocation " on the 5th of May 2018. Fly in from the Benazir International Airport ( OPRN ) to New Islamabad International Airport ( OPIS ). As all operations cease from OPRN and we shift our base as well all our commercial flights to OPIS.Take off to the new greenfield airport as our ATC shall help you relocate. And Hey, we have more parking spots here Date Saturday , 5th May AirportsOPRN, OPISTime1600z to 1800zRouteBELK1A BELKO BELK1CScenery OPRNPayware
  16. The VATSIM West Asia Division is pleased to announce that we have combined all vACC's Discord into one single Server.Rules , Regulations and Invite :
  17. Thanks vey much
  18. Congratulations on the appointment! Best of luck Ethan!
  19. VATSIM India vACC invites all Pilots a group flight from Kolkata to Bagdogra on 28th April 2018 at 1600Z (2130 hrs IST) Pilots who wish to participate are requested to confirm their availability here : Sceneries : Bagdogra (VEBD) - Freeware - FSX/P3D : Kolkata (VECC) - Freeware - FSX/P3D : Route : Kolkata (VECC) - Bagdogra (VEBD) : ONOTO W69 BBD Resources : Aeronautical Charts : Airport Procedures :
  20. Dear All, It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Ethan Browning as the newest VATSIM Nepal vACC Membership Director. Welcome Ethan and best of luck in your duties
  21. Afghanistan:
  22. VATSIM Nepal vACC is now accepting applications for the Social Media and Webmaster position to oversee and manage the official social media accounts and website related to the VATSIM Nepal vACC. Duties: Reporting to ACCNPL1 and ACCNPL2, this position is responsible for the management and update of the VATSIM Nepal vACC social media accounts as well as updating the vACC website as necessary. Also, the vACC Social media and webmaster is responsible for keeping vACC staff updated via e-mail before anything is published on the website. A crucial part of this position is ensuring that VATSIM Nepal vACC is always covered with an informational website of the vACC. The successful candidate will have: 2 years of VATSIM Membership Clean VATSIM record Strong management and communication skills Fluent in English (Written/Spoken) Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Experience with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube preferred Ability to commit at least 2-4 hours to the position While not required, previous staff positions held are an asset. Applications with CV (including relevant history and relevant experience) as well as a cover letter to: Bahaeddine El-Zarif at
  23. My pleasure, Looking forward to raise Nepal with Bahaeddine. My goal is to run everything smoothly and assist for a good vACC impression to public.
  24. Dear all, It is with pleasure, I announce the appointment of Yazan Alothman as the VATSIM Nepal vACC Deputy Director.Yazan is a motivated, enthusiastic member of the vACC that has been helping without delays and asking for returns. Best of luck in your new role
  25. Thanks , friend
  26. Hi Vinay, In order to become an ATC in India vACC you are requested to fill the form given in the link below: Also I'd recommend you to join our India vACC whatsapp group for getting regular updates regarding various events and training processes. In order to do so please fill the form in the following link: If you have any further queries feel free to contact me at Looking forward to see you soon as a controller Aditya Iyer
  27. Hii, I am vinay, new member of VATSim WA . I don't know how to be a ATC in VATSim WA, hence can any one could write each step how to become a ATC . It would be great help for me.
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