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      VATSIM Nepal vACC Staff openings   04/13/2018

      Dear all,    We are currently recruiting for the following open positions:   VATSIM Nepal vACC Training Director - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.  VATSIM Nepal vACC Social Media and Webmaster - to be posted in the Nepal ACC forum.    Thank you for your interest in VATSIM Nepal vACC, 

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  2. Dear All, It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Ethan Browning as the newest VATSIM Nepal vACC Membership Director. Welcome Ethan and best of luck in your duties
  3. Afghanistan: http://acaa.gov.af/aip-aeronautical-information-publication/
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  5. VATSIM Nepal vACC is now accepting applications for the Social Media and Webmaster position to oversee and manage the official social media accounts and website related to the VATSIM Nepal vACC. Duties: Reporting to ACCNPL1 and ACCNPL2, this position is responsible for the management and update of the VATSIM Nepal vACC social media accounts as well as updating the vACC website as necessary. Also, the vACC Social media and webmaster is responsible for keeping vACC staff updated via e-mail before anything is published on the website. A crucial part of this position is ensuring that VATSIM Nepal vACC is always covered with an informational website of the vACC. The successful candidate will have: 2 years of VATSIM Membership Clean VATSIM record Strong management and communication skills Fluent in English (Written/Spoken) Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Experience with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube preferred Ability to commit at least 2-4 hours to the position or per need While not required, previous staff positions held are an asset. Applications with CV (including relevant history and relevant experience) as well as a cover letter to: Bahaeddine El-Zarif at nepalvacc@gmail.com
  6. My pleasure, Looking forward to raise Nepal with Bahaeddine. My goal is to run everything smoothly and assist for a good vACC impression to public.
  7. Dear all, It is with pleasure, I announce the appointment of Yazan Alothman as the VATSIM Nepal vACC Deputy Director.Yazan is a motivated, enthusiastic member of the vACC that has been helping without delays and asking for returns. Best of luck in your new role
  8. Thanks , friend
  9. Hi Vinay, In order to become an ATC in India vACC you are requested to fill the form given in the link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14lVaFpLdVpq-DUIgADbbdIfzSqKO-G-mkjs9tc8z4Mg/edit?usp=mail_response_notification Also I'd recommend you to join our India vACC whatsapp group for getting regular updates regarding various events and training processes. In order to do so please fill the form in the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mFi-zhkWuLUk7CvZhPG2lO-dR7AFRndv8ecyEqH3O9g/edit?usp=mail_response_notification If you have any further queries feel free to contact me at aditya.iyer3@gmail.com Looking forward to see you soon as a controller Aditya Iyer
  10. Hii, I am vinay, new member of VATSim WA . I don't know how to be a ATC in VATSim WA, hence can any one could write each step how to become a ATC . It would be great help for me.
  11. VOCI to VOAT (Agatti Island) in Piper Tomahawk. Late evening arrival to the island, just in time to complete the VFR flight.
  12. Dynamic Lights in FS9??
  13. Oman Air Boeing 737-91M(ER) (WL) A40-BY Landing at Mumbai coming in from Muscat as WY349
  14. Dear all Division Members , We have installed a Helpdesk Ticket Support System by which staff can help the user even more efficiently. This support ticket form will allow you to submit a ticket to any of the staff team of respective vACCs. The staff team will be notified automatically via email after you create your ticket. For convenience we have designed few Sample Ticket Templetes for common topics. Link for Helpdesk : http://helpdesk.vatsimwa.com/ Sample Ticket Templates : 1. Request for ATC Training : Help Topic : XXXX vACC - ATC Training Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX ATC Rating Requested : Student 1 (S1) / Student 2 (S2) / ... Preffered Day/Date and Time (UTC) : 29th March 2018 1700Z - 1800Z Additional Remarks : <message> 2. Membership (vACC/Division Change): Help Topic : VATWA Division General Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX Current vACC/Division : Requested vACC/Division : Additional Remarks : <message> 3. Event/ATC Request : Help Topic : XXXX vACC Events Department Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX Request ATC at Airport : Name/ICAO Request ATC Time : Additional Remarks : <message> 4.vACC/Division Feedback Help Topic : vACC General/Division General Details : Name : John Doe VATSIM CID : XXXXXXX Feedback : If you don't know which Help Topic to choose , please select "General" Topic of respective vACC. All General Topics Tickets are redirected to the vACC Director. All the tickets Numbers are according the vACC/Department. Eg : PKG - PK : Pakistan , G : General Category INA - IN : India , A : ATC Training
  15. Pakistan Vacc welcomes you to this months group flight. Join us this Saturday, 24th March for a flight from Karachi to Multan and experience complete ATC for the whole route.Date24th March15z- 18zAirports Karachi | OPKCMultan | OPMTSceneries http://pakvacc.com/pilots/sceneries/Chartshttp://pakvacc.com/pilots/charts/
  16. Dear All , As you all know , our TeamSpeak3 Server Expires on Wednesday , We have decided to port to Discord for all chats and Group flight discussions etc etc... Discord is Available on iOS , Android , Windows Desktop Application and can work on a simple Web Browser as all. To join our Server , Please visit : http://library.vatsimwa.com/india/discord/ Looking forward to interact with you all on Discord Soon!
  17. Hi Sachin, DP, Thanks for your appreciation. You are most welcome to link them. I am regularly updating training documents as required.
  18. let's meet in April at a VATWA level with representation from all vACCs and work on it as a team. Want to pass a notion for April 21st if most of us can make it - all vACCs will have to work together to make it work. So everyone's presence is extremely important. Let's at least start to brainstorm in April
  19. Excellent work!! I am planning on making a pilot training program for VATWA pilots this summer. I will certainly be reaching out to you and use your work as reference. Can we have it linked straight on VATWA Library for better visibility?
  20. I'll see if I can made a dedicated webpage for VATWA Website. Bit busy with college stuff...but as soon as I get time I'll do it
  21. I second Sachin's comment. I mean I am all up for providing the resources you need for Nepal flights from VFR charts to en-route chart which has VFR routing as well as mountain routes. Also, I've noticed there might be some good sceneries which come with a flight plan across a part of Nepal.
  22. VOCL to VOCI 2500ft VFR, Visibility dropped to 4km at 45dme CIA, clouds scattered / overcast 3500ft. Aircraft is repainted Alabeo Piper PA38 Tomahawk (Used by 'Air Taxis' Sri Lanka circa 1980s). P3D4.2 with Wide-view. Visibility improved to 9km at 16dme CIA. Glad to be back in my very first real GA aircraft (first flown in 1984).
  23. Download Link: https://github.com/IndiavACC/VAT-Spy-Data-Files-Update-2018 Regards,
  24. Fantastic work Imal Sir. Thanks!
  25. I think that would be a great idea. Regards!
  26. Gents, How about we as a division compile a list of attractive unique airports and develop good material for people to attempt flights in VATWA...like... Mountain Flying - Lukla - Paro - Leh - Gilgit Summer Paradise - Goa - Male Metro Shuttles - Karachi - Lahore - Delhi - Mumbai - Colombo - Chennai Popular VFR routes - Nepal - NE India - Himalayan airports VOR Approaches - Kathmandu RNAV Challenge - Kochi Even many exciting airfields in inactive vACCs. etc etc The list can go on and on Let's make some effort and make a dedicated web-page under VATWA which shows what we have to offer to the VATSIM community and invite people to explore our airspace.
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